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We believe in working with clients on a one to one basis, without any pressure.
Clients are never required to bring deposits nor are they required to sign any form of contract.  
Free legal advice is offered with a visit to our company solicitors at no charge   Our Business Listings on the Costa del Sol include everything from small bars, at entry level prices through every type of commercial property in Spain involving the tourist trade.   At the higher investment level we have a huge portfolio of quality hotels and luxury freeholds.
Should the ideal business be found we arrange and control the process of transferring the business to the client’s name this includes full, in depth, checks for possible debts, transferring all service accounts to our clients name and full inspections of the legal aspects of all permits and licenses that apply to the day to day running of the business.   Once the business is in our client’s name we help and assist with introductions to suppliers, arrange long term quality furnished apartments where needed, and advise on schooling if appropriate. We also hold a large selection of freehold apartments and villas & arrange finance.
At no time in the above process do we hold our clients deposits nor do we pass them to the seller, all monies are held by our client’s solicitor here in Spain until the business or property has been legally passed to our client name and they have keys in hand.
Our portfolio includes Bars – Bar/Cafes – Music Bars – Discothèques – Restaurants – Night Clubs – Water Sports – Car Hire – DVD Outlets – Gift Shops – Supermarkets – B&B – Hotels
All our listings are qualified legally, are free of any debts, and have established track records that give the confidence needed when making the decision to invest in a new way of life. 
We provide a total, on-going, efficient and friendly service built on 37 years of established experience in business transfers and commercial sales in Spain.
We aim to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.
Phone: 0034 622277569 mobile & whatsapp or E-mail: info@spanishbars.com

UK contact: 0709 213 4674 Phone & Fax